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Laugh & Smile Recipes

Wake Up Laughing

Belly Laugh Day during Commutes

Belly Laugh Day at Work

Belly Laugh Day during Medical Treatment

Belly Laugh Day with Your Kids

Belly Laugh Evening at Home

Belly Laugh Day Music

Go to Sleep Counting your Laughs

W. C. Fields "Smile early in the morning and get it over with."
  • Wake up with a smile.
  • The minute your feet hit the floor, smile some more.
  • The first time you look at yourself in the mirror
    smile, giggle, medium laugh, laugh heartily to wake up your laugh.
  • Read The Laughing and Smiling Oaths
  • Greet the people you meet with a high five and say
    "It's a Belly Laugh Day!
    ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,,,,,"