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Belly Laugh Day during Commutes

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Go to Sleep Counting your Laughs


"Laughter is one of nature’s brightest brainstorms.
Something that can help you not only relax but also connect with a friend, bond with a baby ... is clearly one of nature's brightest little brainstorms and not, after all, one of its little jokes."
Jeffrey Kluger
"The Funny Thing about Laughter"

Time Magazine,
January 18, 2005



My Laughing Place is .......

What made you laugh today?
Put todays laughs in your laughing memory bank.

This this a time to build your Laughing Place.
Put your laughing place in your memory bank
to recall when you want to activate your relaxation response,
to remember glorious times and generate positive emotions.

How do you find your laughing place?
Remember a time you laughed really really hard, a belly laugh.

Where were you?

Who were you with?

What smells do you remember?

What sounds do you remember?

What made you laugh?