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"All the talent and intelligence in the world
can hold you back rather than foster creativity if you are uptight."
Tom Kelley, Partner, IDEO 

Make any day a Belly Laugh Day at work:
  • Wear a nametag: Please Be Patient With Me I Am .....
  • Make a Decision using the Magic Eight Ball (60 years old in 2006)
  • Send a photo your laughing self on your cell phone.
    Emaile the photo to your colleagues.
    Invite them to join you for a 1:24 p.m. laugh out loud moment.
  • Carpet the floor with blown up balloons.
    Imagine the fun as you walk around
    the office kicking the balloons all day.
  • Make up new political correct definitions such as
    failure=deferred success
  • Play music during low energy moments.
    Get out of your seat and move your body.
  • Smile, laugh out loud, laugh silently
    every time you hit delete on your computer.
  • Add the syllables he, ha, ho to your jargon.
  • Hold a 15 minute meeting without flip charts, pda, computers, etc.
    Put rolls of paper on the table, crayons or markers.
    Imagine the most outlandish uses for your products/services.
    The is a "yes and" meeting.
  • Tell your a story about your most embarassing moment at work.
    If you have never been embarassed at work, make up a moment.
  • Lead a farandol through the office. 
  • See celebrate past laughter
  • See connect with positive laughter