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January 24, Global Belly Laugh Day Greeting:
High five as you say, Its Belly Laugh Day, ha,ha,ha,ha,ha.

  Make January 24, Global Belly Laugh Day a
Grrr to Grin Day
Be Daring & Change your Cell Phone Ring Day
  Laugh with your Latte Day
Dimple Appearance Day
Smile at everyone you see Day
Giggle a Lot Day
Chuckle & Chortle Day
Roar with Laughter Day
Send a Belly Laugh Day Card Day
 (to Child, Friend, Companion, Colleague, Client)
Use an 8 Ball to Help You Make a Decision Day
Decide Who Should Play You in a Movie Day

Wear a Hilarious Hat Day
Talk in Rhyme Day
Change Your Name for the Day Day
Belly Laugh Challenge at a Banquet Day
 Hee Haw through Your Photo Albums/Box/Drawer Day
Wear a Name Tag with the Phrase "Please Be Patient with Me I Am ...."
Kids Go Knock Knocking & Sing Belly Laugh Day Songs
Reverse Roles at Home/Work for 15 Minute Day
Tap Dance with Quarters Taped to your Feet Day
Twist a Balloon Hat Day
Change your Title for the Day Day
Hold the Door Open with a Smile Day
Look at the World through Funny Glasses Day
Read Aloud a Children's Picture Book Day
Hoot and Holler through Baby Books Day
(borrow someone's baby book if necessary)
Record Family Members Laughing Day
Sing Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho in the Elevator Day
Laugh Heartily with Hula Hoops Day
 Have a Laughing Argument Day
 Play a Giggle Producing Game Day
Blow Bubbles & Pop Balloons Day
Watch Family Videos Day
Silly Singing & Dance Day
Write a Playful Poem Day
Take a Goofy Photo Day
Write a A to Z group story
beginning with letter a as the first word of first sentence
each person write one sentence of the story

Tap Into Positive Emotions Day

Take the Laughing Oath Day
Take the Smiling Oath Day