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Global Belly Laugh Day Stories
January 24, Global Belly Laugh Day you laughed, you smiled and then .... What Happened ?
Global Belly Laugh Day, January 24 has three intentions - to celebrate and remember past laughter, to connect with positive laughter, to learn by experience the health, high achievement and happiness benefits of taking a moment to stop, breathe, smile and laugh out loud. 

Global Belly Laugh Day jump started this memory - Laugh Now!

Tanzania, Africa - We are planting trees with ReTree International. We did the belly laugh in Tanzania!  Like you'd said, it stimulated great laughter!

Denmark - Alexander Kjerulf Chief Happiness Officer
I was sitting in my regular café and while the people at the next table did look strangely, they joined in once I explained what it was all about.
Alex how would you respond to this question, "Ummm I will be in a meeting with a bunch of Managers and my Campus President at 1:24 ...think they will mind the belly laugh thing?
Alex's response, "sometimes you think people will react negatively to any sign of excessive happiness - when in reality they would be delighted."

California - Belly Laugh Day at Ponto Beach was absolutely fantastic!   Such high energy!!!  Everyone had a great time!  We had about 25 people or more and every one of them was really into it!! Sarito Sun had fun laughing while wrapped in joy. 

WE DID IT! Global Belly Laugh Day January 24th! On 7 continents at 1:24pm there was a global outburst of community laughter. My Red Hatters joined me as I, ("Sparkle") led a 5 minute belly laugh among 55 Seniors playing BINGO in San Diego, California.
Whatta hoooot!  
The story behind Laurie "Sparkle" Wood's Global Belly Laugh Day celebration.
At 1pm (January 24, 2013) I ( Laurie "Sparkle" Wood) was at a Red Hatter's monthly meeting at a Senior Center. I had recalled what Sarito Sun had told me about GBL day. So on impulse I asked my ladies to say Aloha-ha-ha with me in front of the Bingo group a few doors down in the auditorium. I got permission from the leader in there to interrupt the Bingo calling to do this at 1:24pm. From there the people just mimicked my lead.

You Don't Say!
Elaine Helle - I am the organizer of
Global Belly Laugh Day. I started my celebration on January 23 PST time as I thought about the Belly Laugh Bounce 'Round the World beginning in Fiji. An exampIe of the mind body connection at work - I woke up on January 24 at 1:24 a.m.  I was thrilled to spread the word about Global Belly Laugh Day on early morning talk radio shows hosted by very energizing personalities. I laughed all day on the phone and in person. Your laughter is contagious. Thank you so much for letting all of us catch your laughter.
Antarctica - We tried to smile and laugh in spite of a rough Drake Passage crossing.
Jennifer Huber - I
wrote the article January 24 is Belly Laugh Day - A Holiday Guaranteed to Make You Laugh and Smile. I actually feel quite happy after writing about Belly Laugh Day and a bit "lighter." That may sound strange, but it kind of lifted negativity away!"
United States - Employment Law Lawyer - I was doing training at a company, teaching them to prevent harassment and discrimination, and including lots of laughter in the seminar! I told the group that it was Belly Laugh Day--I said that in honor of Belly Laugh Day, the Harassment Prevention Training promises to be a laugh in the belly, and not a pain in the neck!
California About 25 to 30 great folks...the beach we go to was all filled in with we went upstairs to this great lookout that had a circle tile work of a compass pointing to the whole world.  Several laughter leaders showed up and we all took turns leading exercises.  It lasted about an hour and we gave a huge holler across the Pacific at 1:24 pm. 
Australia - Bronwyn Roberts  found myself in a noodle bar collecting the lunches at the appointed time.  Not held back by my natural shyness I proudly announced to the crowded shop that it was in fact Belly Laugh Day (and time) and without any hesitation everyone in the shop, the cooks included threw their hands in the air (luckily not their food) and laughed.  People walking past looked in and a couple came in to see what we were doing.  It was such fun.  I was even offered free noodles next time I call in!  The owner of the shop declared "Oh, you make us laugh and have fun. Everyone, a big laugh for our belly laugh lady" So I guess I was given a standing Belly Laugh ovation.  Very much fun!  I run the local community laughter club so I've been assured that I will have some new laughers when our group starts for the year next Saturday. I just LOVE the way laughter bonds communities!
ICC Macmillan Oregon connected with ICC Macmillan in India. We had 3 phone lines - on the phones were two people offsite in Portland and the night shift in India, 10 people gathered in the office. We all laughed together.  Comment from India, "It was a great idea for this laughter held together (Oregon and India). We feel ourselves full of energy now. We usually have laughter session on Friday but, today, this laughter session at night was really fantastic."
Canada - John G. Starzynski, LL.B - Volunteer Executive Director, Ontario Lawyers Assistance Program - a focus on Balancing Life
On Global Belly Laugh Day I laughed hard and had a great time. 
Carol Ross - I had a wonderful Belly Laugh coaching call—for the last two years, I’ve had a coaching appt at 1:24pm on Belly Laugh Day. This year’s client got me laughing LOTS even before we got to 1:24pm. My client shared Belly Laugh Day with a friend who works in outreach residential program for troubled teens. The family visitation days were always very tense—family counseling is often provided as part of the visitation.  My client thought that getting people to laugh in this situation would help a lot.
Judith E. Allan, DC, PC - On Jan 24th we celebrated Belly Laugh Day with an open house in my Chiropractic Clinic.  We invited our patients to stop by, bring a friend and enjoy heatlhy snacks and learn about the benefits of laughing.  All day long my patients stopped in to smile and laugh and the ones that had appointments were assigned silly names that our Front Desk Manager printed off.  Fun names like 'Justin Credible'  'Tate Erchips' the staff had names as well, I switched from 'Dr. Crack-em-up' to 'Kira Practor', My Front Desk Manager was 'Keri Oakley' it was a good day.  The names tags offered my patients a way to be silly, but the waiting room was filled with balloons; and who can resist laughing when you can play with balloons. I was asked at various times, is laughing really a stress reliever??  My response was a resounding....... "YES, check in with your body when you leave here after laughing so much, then tell me next time you come in what you discovered!" It was a FABULOUS way to share fun and learning with my patients in a light and bright way!!  We will absolutely celebrate Belly Laugh Day again next year.
Lamb's Palisades Market We gave each customer the Belly Laugh Day Smiling Sun with Seven Rays sheet for kids of all ages to color. At 1:24 p.m. we announced the Belly Laugh Bounce 'Round the World event. A reluctant associate acted so goofy he got everybody laughing. We will announce Belly Laugh Day sooner in 2008 to avoid a 4 p.m. customer's comment "I wish I had known about Belly Laugh Day."
Nebraska Jimmy Rowe Well, I don't know if you could hear us or not, but there we were; outside at 1:24pm, laughing (in the snow) as if we had good sense!!   It was time for recess at our kid's elementary school, so my son said he was going to tell some jokes and start "cuttin up", to get his group laughing. My wife and I took our neighbors to lunch (an elderly couple we met through church), and we tried to time it so we were leaving the fast-food place as close to 1:24 p.m. as we could. I told a pretty good one as we were leaving, so we all walked out laughing.
Vicki -
I was at home alone with only my cat...and I laughed at my silliness for laughing aloud at nothing and no one in particular!
Canada - Hee hee! At 1:22 pm I (Denise Rackett) finished my class with Dr. Annette Goodheart we (the class) laughed for my birthday and belly laugh day. I'm taking Dr. Goodheart's  on-line teleconference course who was in Mexico. We have students from all over the world and we all laughed together. It was fun. Dr. Goodheart has an amazing contagious laugh...We truly experienced a global laughter moment on Global Belly Laugh Day.
Nevada - I celebrated Belly Laugh Day. I was at the park with my friends and we all did it. The fact that we all threw our arms in the air and laughed made us actually crack up because we felt o so ridiculous doing this in public - which made everyone around us...belly laugh! It was great - I needed it.
United States - Corporate Office - I heard about Belly Laugh Day on the radio this morning. I thought I'd help spread the word at work. I created a phony meeting invitation and sent it to everyone in my department; of course, scheduling the get together for 1:24 p.m. today. 
text of the meeting invitation:

"I have learned that today is Global "Belly Laugh" Day. Today commemorates the need we all let down our guard for a moment and laugh for no particular reason at all. (Note; it's also okay to chortle, giggle, howl, snicker, titter, chuckle, guffaw, snort, te-hee and crack-up. If you're shy, you can just grin maniacally.) As I understand it, the time for the big event is set for 1:24 p.m. So, to get things rolling, I suggest that everyone gather around (our colleague's) desk at around 1:23:45 and say something hilarious to get her started. (I'm thinking that (our colleague) can regale everyone with memories of his days as a professional surfer when he lived in Norway.) Once (our colleague) gets going laughing, it should be easy for the rest of us to follow. And, since we all know that (our department) is the model by which the rest of the company sets its behavior, once we start laughing loud and proud, the rest of the building should follow!"

Australia - People who didn’t know each other suddenly engulfed in a good belly laugh was a terrific sight.  At exactly 1:24pm – on the east coast of Australia - diners in a restaurant were caught up in the fun as they stood up and laughed out loud. 
From Phillipa Challis:
As a certified laughter yoga teacher who leads a laughter club each week, and presents laughter programs mainly in the corporate world, as well as the health and education sectors, encouraging people to join in was an easy task.  Getting them to let go of their inhibitions was more challenging. However after just a few minutes of laughter the dining room that was previously filled with a low volume hum of conversation, had a wonderful buzz as people were talking with everyone around them.  People stayed on and chatted, and I was inundated as to where the nearest laughter club was located, and could I please go to their work place and inject some laughter into it! It was truly a case of laugh and the whole world laughs with you.

How did people let go of their inhibitions? 
I was with friends and they naturally wanted to go have a laugh with me.  Just before hand I went to people at the other tables and introduced myself.  I said that I was known as The Laughter Lady and asked if they new it was BLD (Belly Laugh Day).  I then invited them to join me in a laugh and because of my laughter and happy approach they said yes!  I’d already got to know the waiting staff, by smiling, asking their names, thanking them for the cheerful service, telling them it was BLD and asking them if they’d have a laugh with me.  Well at 1:20pm I laughed out loud, got everyone’s attention, and suggested they might like to stand up (there may have been just a three or four out of the 35+ people there who didn’t), inviting them to stand or sit if they didn’t want to stand, and on the count of three to laugh out loud.
Kentucky - Remember it is Jan 24 at 1:24 pm, you are to throw your hands and arms up into the air and laugh..laugh..laugh. I am at work so if I am asked to talk to the therapist please send a note or better yet a copy of the podcast! (a forum member of Vicky and Jen What Really Matters) 
France - Well, we remembered!  A bit 21:30 last night Paris time.  It felt GREAT!  
We had fun realizing that we remembered almost at the last minute!!!!

Wellsville, Kansas - The Entire School of the Kansas State Horizon Teacher of the 2004-2005 Year -This is the time of the year that anything to break the winter blahs is great! We began after the Christmas break with a laughter study, “How to be responsible with your laughter.” We started out our (Belly Laugh) day at school today with everyone being funny from head to toe.  Students were encouraged to wear silly hats and silly socks.  A prize will be given to the silliest in each classroom.  At 1:24 we will be airing laugh tracks over the intercom and doing the belly laugh bounce. Should be a fun day.
Philadelphia - Really been fun, I sent the link to people who I haven't necessarily had contact with recently, but knew they would love it and participate. I'm starting to get e-mails reporting activities from yesterday. One of my contacts is a school nurse, She said, they could hear the laughter all throughout the school!!! (an elementary school) - WOW, How cool is that!! 
Missouri - From a 73 year old cancer survivor, I spend the whole day trying out activities on the connect with positive laughter page of the Belly Laugh Day website. What fun I had!
New York - I am pregnant with my first child. He is becoming increasingly active—talk about a belly laugh. Every movement makes me giggle as it feels like a tickle inside. The baby moved, I laughed a lot on Belly Laugh Day.